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End of the blog (I think)

Posted in Uncategorized by erikheerlein on November 2, 2008

Given the few posts that I have made since starting this blog, I am thinking that blogging just is not my cup of tea. While it is handy for posting pics and little tidbits of information for my friends, I am finding that Facebook is much better suited for sharing the daily minutia that makes up my life.

Not only am I more inclined to check and update my Facebook profile, but most of my friends are already on Facebook as well so the flow of information goes both ways. A blog is more suited for dispensing long form writing to the general public about a specific topic. I am not trying to create a following or buzz about my latest book release or speaking engagement.

So if you want to keep up with what’s going on in my life, then join me on facebook. Otherwise, don’t expect any more new posts on this blog until I can figure out a viewpoint and strategy that would make it worth maintaining.


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