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End of the blog (I think)

Posted in Uncategorized by erikheerlein on November 2, 2008

Given the few posts that I have made since starting this blog, I am thinking that blogging just is not my cup of tea. While it is handy for posting pics and little tidbits of information for my friends, I am finding that Facebook is much better suited for sharing the daily minutia that makes up my life.

Not only am I more inclined to check and update my Facebook profile, but most of my friends are already on Facebook as well so the flow of information goes both ways. A blog is more suited for dispensing long form writing to the general public about a specific topic. I am not trying to create a following or buzz about my latest book release or speaking engagement.

So if you want to keep up with what’s going on in my life, then join me on facebook. Otherwise, don’t expect any more new posts on this blog until I can figure out a viewpoint and strategy that would make it worth maintaining.


The Giant Pool of Money – The financial crisis explained

Posted in Uncategorized by erikheerlein on September 29, 2008

I could understand the attraction to those mortgages that the banks were selling. You could get a house without any income or assets. But what I never understood was the attraction for banks to give money to people who they wouldn’t even look at before.

This May 9th 2008 episode of This American Life takes a layman’s view and explains it all pretty well.

Truths that turned out to be false.

Posted in Odd/Weird/Funny, Uncategorized by erikheerlein on August 25, 2008

While I was reading “Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die“, I found out that one of those sayings that I thought was true, turned out to be false. The Great Wall of China is not visible from the moon.

I always figured that I was too smart to ever fall for one of those myths and urban legends that keep coming around. Like the perennial story about crocodiles living in the sewers of New York and the very elusive gang that goes around and steals the kidneys of people they have drugged but then leaves a helpful note saying, “Don’t move. Call 911.”

But the story of the Great Wall of China turned out to be one of those myths that still persists even though, like the subterranean crocodiles and the thoughtful organ thieves, it has been debunked for some time. So that got me to thinking about what other myths were out there that I was unable to see through. Below is a list of things that I was surprised to learn after doing a quick Google search.

And the most shocking realization was that Cap’n Crunch was once an admiral.


After a tremendous outpouring from his fans, the Quaker Oats Company decided to promote the Cap’n. But Admiral Crunch quickly became bored with his desk job at Crunch Headquarters. And after a small mishap with the Crunch Berrie and Crunch Biscuit machine (at the hands of two recently promoted new co-Cap’ns) he decided that he was truly the best one suited for the role as the Cap’n. He soon requested his old position again, and he went back to being the best Cap’n that Crunch Headquarters has ever had. He is much happier now!

Janos Baranyai – definitely too many Kilos presented

Posted in Uncategorized by erikheerlein on August 19, 2008

Even though I broke a leg and got banged up, I never really had any bad pain. The most pain actually came after the surgery and that was the first time that I was given any pain killers so it was a controlled pain. The nurses would ask me to grade the pain on a scale of 1 to 10 and it never got higher than a 4. I never had any searing, mind numbing pain that made me want to cry or anything.

I was reminded of this after flipping through some Beijing Olympics photographs from a german web site and seeing Janos Baranyai, a weightlifter from Hungary. WARNING the link shows him with a dislocated elbow which he got on his 3rd attempt to lift 148kg(326lbs) and I’m guessing from the expression on his face that his pain level is definitely higher than a 4. I ran the photo caption through an online German translator and got, “definitely too many Kilos presented…”.

(note: original link to the German web site was changed, new link shows the sequence of events with more photos)